Handing Trump a Second Term

If you look at the rhetoric and the attitudes that are developing and going on in the campaigns, and the kinds of exhibitions such as that which took place on the stage in Las Vegas last night and all the advantages carefully built by the Democrats over the past three and a half years will evaporate.

Landing a punch just moments into the debate set the tone for the rest of the evening. What you did last night, Democrats, was give the Trump campaign their first real decent night’s sleep in a long time. They were in a panic after the mid-term and they were desperate after this past November when they lost statewide races in two deep red states. Democrats won those races in the teeth of Trump support. Kentucky. What are the implications of that governor’s race? Louisiana was a repeat for a Democrat. They’d given up on Virginia. The tone of the whole Trump campaign has been stressed and desperate. Polls show that all of the remaining Democrats have built head to head leads against Trump, as he repeats making bone-headed decisions and stupid moves on top of all of the damaging information that came out of his impeachment.

And then you went on the stage in Las Vegas and instead of delivering a series of knockout punches to the clown in the White House, you took swings at each other and gave them a break.

The message that you sent to this Democrat last night is that you are more interested in pushing your own personal agenda than you are in making sure the country dumps the most corrupt, unfit President it has ever had. You are being handed a piece of cake with icing on top of it, drizzled with chocolate sauce and you are saying, “No thanks, I’ll bake my own.”

Draw a line here. Stop. Figure out where this goes from here–and it absolutely can’t go where it appears to be headed. You have to come up with a strategy to win this general election and take out enough Republicans in the House and Senate to send a clear message about this President’s corruption and his trashing of the Constitution. The only recourse left to resolve this is to vote him out of office and vote enough of them out of office so they will stop being complicit and start being patriots. And that won’t happen if you’re divided up into separate camps. It almost looked like last night was a deliberately planned strategy from the Trump campaign playbook.

All Trump has is his base, which has withered and declined by as much as 12% since he took office, maybe more in some places. These are people who even Trump believes are clueless and stupid because he says the most ridiculous things and they still clap and cheer. There are not enough of them to win an election if the opposition is united and working to turn out voters. So far, in Iowa and New Hampshire, 15% of the voters who’ve showed up to cast a ballot on the Republican side have picked someone other than Donald Trump!

Democrats are energized and have been ever since we recovered from the shock of 2016. We do not want a repeat of the kind of lethargy or negative reaction to issues, many of which were based on fake news and lies provided by foreign sources, that led enough Democrats to stay home and let the White House sink into the swamp. The way has been paved to a very nice recovery from four years of Donald Trump in the White House. Democrats have accomplished gaining hundreds of state legislative seats and flipping the majorities in as many as nine of them, flipped at least that many governor’s seats, flipped enough seats to win the majority in the house and are poised to take the Senate. Wins have come in the face of the direct support of Trump himself for many of the Republicans who have been defeated. The President was impeached and the strategy put in place by House Speaker Pelosi made it possible for all of the information to be laid out long enough to sway public opinion in favor of removal.

Don’t you dare throw that away with the cheap shots and petty bickering. This isn’t about you and your campaign, it is about us, the American people, and the future and reputation of our country, all of us, together, the majority who want to see Donald Trump be just a one term, impeached President.

There is not a single person who is still left among the Democratic party candidates that I would not proudly support with my vote and whatever else I can do to see that they are elected. That should be your attitude as well and the first question you need to answer is, “What are you going to do, if you are not the nominee, to see that Donald Trump is defeated and the Democratic party nominee is elected President of the United States?” I hope I never see another debate like the one in Las Vegas last night, at least, not among Democrats. You should be shaking each other’s hands, patting each other on the back and like kids fighting on the playground, you should be made to stand in a circle and hold hands for fifteen minutes.

We’re depending on you.

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